Equipment appraisal is to assess the value of various movable estate – beginning from станок to furniture, appliances and other objects. Equipment as an object to be assessed is an object of movable property what is necessary to distinguish property by legal features in accordance with the Article 167 of Civil Code of Turkmenistan “Things that relate to the property including funds and shares are considered movable property”.

Market price of the equipment constantly changes due to rapid development of technical progress, market conditions and innovation. Besides, market prices for equipment are subject to inflation and deflation. All above mentioned factors confirm the necessity regularly evaluate machinery and equipment to bring their values to present time.

Machinery, mechanisms and equipment being used in modern industry and other sectors are very diverse for their usage, technical solutions and functions performed and only their classification can be covered in several text pages. However, main groups can be singled out:

  • Machines. They, in turn, are divided into by their functional and technological uses: cutting equipment, press-forging plant, woodworking equipment, foundary, lifting and conveying machinery etc. Each type may have smaller sub-types (for instance, metal cutting machine subdivided into turned, milling, drilling, planing), as well as types and typed-sizes (e.g. lathe- grouped tools are divided into chasing lathe, turning and boring machines, lathe threaded)
  • Constructing equipment (constructional caravans, lifting mechanisms, concrete mixing machine, concrete pump and so on)
  • Trading equipment (cabinets, shopwindows, racks, refrigerating and freezing equipmentе оборудование, check-out machines)
  • Special and highly specialized equipment (e.g., medical equipment, food equipment, children’s attractions, jewelry equipment)
  • Complexed industrial and technological lines
  • Computers and office equipment (PCs, laptops, multifunctional device, copying machines etc.)

Cases when independent assessment of machines and equipment are needed:

  • Mortgage lending for any part of movable property;
  • Contributing it to the authorized capital;
  • Investment project implementation;
  • Selling of machines and equipment which are unnecessary or physically, morally obsolete or those object which are already unused;
  • Liquidation and utilization of machines and equipment due to unused in exploitation because of disaster, physical or moral depreciation;
  • In insuring the property
  • In transmitting equipment for rent or leasing;
  • Property separation due to separating of corporation or breaking up the partnership;
  • Annual re-evaluation of enterprise’s assets.