Sarayly Baha Company makes appraisal of motor transport:

Every private owner sooner or later has to have his car professionally assessed. Depending on complexity situations can be very different: it is separation of the property, distribution of the property among the heirs during inheriting or in case of gift in order to define the property tax which is being transferred due to inheriting or gifting.

An independent evaluator is involved to assess the value of cars when the sale price and leasing of certain transport means or enterprises that have transports as fixed assets are to be defined as well as opening bid for auctions in order to privatize or transmit it to entrusted administration, in use of the car as mortgage, settling property disputes and so on.

The most reliable and rapid way to sell the car is to sell it at a market price but before it needs to assess its price.

It is quite difficult to assess the price individually without making a mistake at every step you do. It is more simple to ask a professional evaluator who for agreed price would make appraisal and in detail  will  describe what and how the price is formed. Costs for evaluator will be much lower than pecuniary and moral losses you inevitably face if the car is assessed privately.

Appraisal of the motor transport is made for the following purposes:
  • as mortgage;
  • as contribution to the authorized capital
  • in insuring of the object;
  • in re-evaluating assets;
  • in stating in balance-sheet
  • in selling and purchasing
  • in settling proprietary disputes;
  • appraisal of the car for a court;
  • appraisal of the transport means for divorce
  • developing investment projects and investors attraction;
  • taking the car for inheritance
  • transmitting the car for rent
  • other transactions relating to implementing proprietary rights for motor transport