“Sarayly hyzmat” audit company has established a consulting division which operates successfully.

By creating this division we have aimed the only target: to maximum facilitate the labour of an accountant through minimizing time spending to working out multiple issues which the accountant has to experience daily. As a rule, a more difficult issue is an accurate  application of norms of tax legislation.

Our specialists have a rich practical experience and profound theoretical knowledge in most aspects of accounting and taxation.  Specialists of our consulting division in past worked in capacity of chief accountants at enterprises dealing with various lines of activities, officials of tax authorities and practical auditors.

Consultancy in accounting and taxation is significant in situations, if:
  • you don’t have time to study norms of laws;
  • normative acts do not contain exact regulations to guide your matters or there are contradictions in norms;
  • even if the issue is simple but hesitations occur and you need to hear external and PROFESSIONAL opinion on which you may trust.

In such cases a weighting analysis of the regulatory framework is required and decision is made taking into account of conclusions achieved. Specialists of our company will always help you in this issue.

You will be provided with answers to the questions during the discussion with our specialist.

If an issue requires additional working out our consultant will assume it, the issue will be deeply reviewed and discussed with specialists of our company and if required with competent representatives of various ministries and agencies. The response which will be given you is colleagues’ opinion elaborated on base of norms of legislation in force.

If you desire to acquire a literate and rapid answer, please, formulate it precisely and concretely. Because a question exactly asked is answered in half!

The cost of services depends on complexity of the issue and time necessary to find out the answer.

We can always find out an option more eligible exactly to you!