The corporate clients are one of the most important clients for our Centre.

The Centre elaborates an ad hoc English program according to the needs of a Client. Training is conducted at the Client’s office and it allows to save your time and money.

Objectives of corporate training:
  • Development of profound communication skills
  • Increase of the vocabulary
  • Overcoming of language barrier
  • Expanding of business contacts
Learning programs proposed:
  • Universal English Course
  • Speaking English Course
  • Business English Course including telephone negotiation, business correspondence, negotiations, presentations.
  • Particular workshops for secretaries, tourism employees as well as seminars/trainings:
    • English for business correspondence and emails
    • English for negotiation
    • English for customer service
    • English for meetings involved presentations
  • VIP-course for the senior management
Corporate training is conducted either in group or individually at your convenient time.

As rule, a lesson lasts two academic hours and twice a week.

Or we propose a more intensive way of training – 2 hours and 3 times a week.

Trilateral quality control

Our students regularly take progress tests. Their results will be reported to the Client.


  • Every student may monitor his/her progress.
  • A teacher directly monitors the progress of the group.
  • Administrator monitors both a work of the teacher and the progress of possessing the program by students.
Professional approach

Trainings are conducted by the qualified teachers of our Centre who have an extensive experience. Corporate English Program is based on programs and methods developed by UK.