We invite you to attend accounting courses for beginners, which will help you learn the basics of accounting. The knowledge acquired will be useful to you to find a job in capacity of an assistant to the accountant. If you want to master the knowledge of an accountant or chief accountant, we propose to continue education attending following courses:

  • Financial accounting I, II
  • Management accounting I, II, etc.

Students of these courses will have possibility to learn the basics of accounting, to understand specifics of accounting, to figure out what the balance sheet is, to get acquainted with the basic documentation which the accountant has to handle.

IFRS courses are the basic area of education at our Centre. An important advantage of the training programs of our Center is their practical focus and a wide spectrum of themes dedicated both to beginners and professionals. Feedbacks from our students about the IFRS course confirm a profound methodology applied and an effective training in International Financial Reporting Standards.

The Management Accounting course, first of all, is focused on obtaining practical skills to prepare information in order to make managerial decisions. During the lessons, many examples, exercises are discussed, different tests are made to verify knowledge, tasks are given to be solved individually and to be further analyzed together with a trainer.

Following issues are studied in the training course: objectives of management accounting, costs in management accounting, accounting of costs, basics of budgeting, break-even point calculation and margin analysis, management analysis and pricing.

We propose courses on tax accounting for beginners and experienced accountants, directors, financial specialists.

You may pass the courses on both the general taxation system and specific regimes for small and medium-sized businesses and individual enterprises.

During the lessons you will acquire all necessary knowledge and skills and will be able to calculate tax burden by yourself, pay taxes and make up reporting. Tax accounting courses are conducted by teachers-practitioners, who have an extensive working experience.

Experienced accountants may attend courses for qualification enhancement on taxes which provide updated changes in tax legislation and accounting.

In our Center under auspices of experienced teachers you will be able to master all the variety of advantages of the newest version of the 1C: Enterprise8.3 platform and application programs. (1C: Accounting, 1C: Salary and staff management, 1C: Trade management etc.).

The key advantage of the “Alym-Sarayly” Center is the opportunity to have a comprehensive training at the 1C courses. Lessons are conducted by teachers-practitioners, which will help you to work out the acquired skills and directly use them in practice.

In the courses of 1C for users, the teachers not only demonstrate the programs capacities, and also train to work in these programs on the example of real practical cases. We do not sell software, we teach to work with these programs properly and effectively!

The course is designed for students who have a profiled education in economics, accounting, finances, with experience of work and without it, who desire to acquire additional knowledge in the analysis of accounting and financial reporting, study of dynamics and structure of financial performance of the company’s activity as well as formation of cash flows at the enterprise.

The main challenges of studying the discipline are disclosure of the essence and content of financial statements as the main informational source of financial analysis, particularly, disclosure of the essence and content of special methods and tools as well as the analysis of the system of financial reporting indicators.

Our teachers – practitioners with long experience in the field of audit – will tell you about the peculiarities of creation of audit service, obligations and all the nuances of activity of a professional auditor.

Having passed our audit courses, you will gain invaluable experience in work organization, regulation of internal audit, risk assessment. You will be able to define, classify, evaluate current assets and costs in the financial reporting, and also income of future periods.

The goal of this course is to disclose the composition, content, structure and financial flows, and their management as well.

As a result of the course, students must learn the tools of financial planning in accordance with international standards, the practical methodology of business-planning and the elaboration of searching methods enabling to make financial decisions, sources of financing, profitability management with use of various leverages, and development of financial strategy for the enterprise.

Is your goal to learn English? English courses at the “Alym-Sarayly” Training Center will help you to achieve success. Having been trained by a teacher who applies effective methods and a well-thought program will allow for reaching the desired level faster than self-studying of the language, and the quality of the knowledge acquired will be higher. You will learn to understand the English speech, speak and read fluently in English.