Mr.Agadjan Mamedov

Head of Accounting and Reporting Division
Mr.Agadjan Mamedov is specialist in banking system and accounting.

He has qualification as mechanic engineer, graduated from Turkmen Polytechnic Institute. He has a 23-year working experience. He has been working mostly in state-owned and commercial banks of Turkmenistan. He has had positions as head of economic planning analysis, economist, financial manager, specialist in human resourses, chief accountant.

Mr. Baba Durdyyev

Head of tax accounting and methodology division
Mr. Baba Durdyyev is specialist in taxation and accounting.

He graduated from the Turkmen Economy Institute. He has a 27 year working experience. He mostly worked for the State Tax Service of Turkmenistan. He passed professional enhancement in the Republic of Turkey.

He has various positions in the public sector as: tax inspector, head of internal audit division of internal control department, head of legal entities inspection division. In private sector he worked in capacity of head of tax accounting and methodology division.

Gulia Hummedova

Head of Audit Devision (Auditor)
Gulia Hummedova is a specialist in accounting and international financial reporting standards.

She graduated from Turkmen Economy Institute with specialization in “Accounting, control and analysis of economic activity of industrial enterprises, qualification is economist.

She has a 21-year experience in this specialization out of which 10 years are in state-owned enterprises and last 11 years – in private sector. Working experience as chief accountant is more than 16 years.

Ms. Dinara Begova

Deputy Head of Audit Division (auditor)
Ms. Dinara Begova educated as specialist in international relations, graduated from International Turkmen-Turkish University. She has a 17-year experience in economic sector. She has been working mostly in state-owned and commercial banks of Turkmenistan.

She has worked in capacity of accountant, consultant in accounting.

Mr. Murad Muradov

Mr. Murad Muradov is specialist in taxation and accounting. He graduated from Turkmen Polytechnic Institute as economist. He has a 18-year experience. During his professional activity he worked at Main State Tax Service and Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan as well as in a number of branches of foreign companies located on the territory of Turkmenistan.

He occupied positions as senior accountant for tax matters, assistant to accountant in finances and taxation, tax consultant, chief inspector, main specialist at the tax policy and methodology department.