Sarayly Baha Company provides appraisal of:

  • Apartments;
  • Buildings and facilities (cottages, country houses);
  • Individual dwelling houses;
  • Business and industrial buildings;
We provide services in estimating ownership right or other rights (tenant right) to such objects of property like dwelling houses, buildings (both separate and within an industrial complex) office, warehouses and industrial premises etc.

We evaluate flats in standard houses and individual houses and any other dwelling premises.

Apartment appraisal includes determining of market price of ownership right for real estate or other proprietary interest (for instance, tenant right) in relation to proprietary assessed. During assessment all characteristics and details are taken into account: location, space, remoteness from main district’s infrastructure, design, facing state, type of house, number of floors etc.

Apartment appraisal is implemented for the following purposes:

  • Mortgage lending;
  • Contributing it to the authorized capital;
  • Separating estate;
  • for taxation;
  • its insuring;
  • its inheriting.