• Payroll, vacation accrual, termination indemnity. Registration and calculation of travel costs, allowances, overtime and bonuses. (6 hours)

  • Import-export of goods, taxation (3 hours)

  • Taxation and accounting in construction (6 hours)

  • Value added tax (VAT), property tax, income tax (6 hours)

  • Accounting of nonstandard employment: distant employees, combining jobs employees , travelling work (3 hours)

  • International financial reporting standards (3 hours)

  • Reporting (Statement of Financial Position) according to International financial reporting standards (6 hours)

  • Labour Code of Turkmenistan (overview for managers of foreign companies/in Russian and English) (3 hours)

  • Training on Taxation – «Answer-Question»

  • Training on IFRS – «Answer-Question»

  • Training on Bookkeeping – «Answer-Question»

  • Survey on Taxation system in Turkmenistan (training for managers of foreign companies/in Russian and English) (3 hours)

  • Taxes – accounting, and filling in Declarations (profit tax, declaration on VAT, income tax…) (6 hours)

  • Peculiarities of Tax system in Turkmenistan in the sphere of entrepreneurs and other private legal entities with patent issued by tax inspectorate, making up the declarations, submission statements to relevant tax authorities (6 hours)

  • Accounting of pension insurance (obligatory/voluntary). Making up the declarations on it (3 hours)

  • Compilation of financial reporting (F1, F2, F3, F4) and their correlation with tax declaration and declaration on pension insurance, statistics reports (6 hours)

  • Financial analysis with use of relevant ratios (6 hours)

  • Internal audit: legislative framework, accounting, financial reporting. Methodological directions and their application in making up declaration of reports. Use of IFRS (accounting policies…) Documentary certification of economic transactions. Financial reporting (6 hours)

  • Use of international standards in industry and service. Principles of making accounting policy. Specifics of IFRS application upon objects of accounting (18 hours)

  • Accounting in EXCEL.

We offer you the training programs in view of specifics and needs of your firm.

We involve in conducting training seminars of specialists who have the highest qualification taking into account nature of your issue. The listeners are provided with the latest information and standards-methodic materials on the subject of the seminar.

Seminars are carried out with use of the modern educational methods: business games, trainings, practices, round-table discussion.

Мы проводим такие семинары, как:

  • Practical seminars for working accountants
  • International financial reporting standards
  • International financial reporting standards in banks
  • Accounting and operational activity in banks

Training in the form of workshop contributes to broadening of the professional view of both beginners and experienced accountant. You will be familiar with the most important issues in the field of accounting, and also the ways of their solving. The principle difference of these training programs is that they add to your profiled knowledge with more specialized, professionally specific training material.

Teachers will provide you with unique information based exclusive on their own practical experience of successful work in bookkeeping. As the result you will obtain actual knowledge, valuable advices and recommendations, and also will learn modern effective methods of planning and organizing of bookkeeping and managerial accounting, tax optimization.

Intellectual investment to labour force for purpose of increase of productive outputs, is the win-win investment in the future!

Our work – your success and prosperity.